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a shy-dragon appears when he saw his own CF on the screen

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No matter how big of a superstar he is… he’s still known for his 90-degree bows. Polite, respectful, gracious Kwon Leader

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Kcon is today and it deeply saddens me that I can’t be there. I hope those who are have fun and are respectful to the artist

you…..sweetheart  (●´ω`●)ゞ

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okay, there has been some issue and i feel a need to address this before things get more out of control. you see the post up there, yeah that is some huge lie. GD never made a statement about mixing up the groups whether baro was in EXO or whether he sang in badman. the interviewer asked him which rookie group has caught his eye and ONLY said that exo has caught his eye and nothing more. in fact, you can watch both parts of his interview here —> and if you listen, he never even mention anything about b1a4 or BAP. even if you didn’t make up the rumor, you’re still spreading that false shit around without any evidence and I’m sure this post has offended a lot of people in all 4 fandoms (YES THE VIP FANDOM TOO). have you ever thought of the person’s career you’re damaging here? I’m not gd-biased, but i do know that he has been working really hard this year especially releasing 2 albums in a row and he doesn’t deserve this kind of hate and crap from people that are making up stupid rumors about him. so the next time you decide that you’re going on an attention-whore spree, think about the people you are hurting and kindly stfu.

please reblog this so people can be inform about this misunderstanding

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30 days —> 8/18  day 27) I’m 95% sure that people have seriously cried about his smile…

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reason why gd always laughing when seungri’s talking

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Wiggle wiggle.

*screeching from the grave* ~X

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GD and his neckline

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